WE Ascend DP-17 Green Gas Pistol

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A loudly-customized pistol made for a Merc with a mouth, now yours to own! These pistols are manufactured by WE-Tech, and are compatible with WE and some TM parts (fitment required.) Surprisingly, these have arguably the crispest triggers we have seen on an airsoft G-series pistol, so you can pull off some sweet shots while backflipping at someone, or at least while you're trying to.

The pistol offers good recoil impulse, the stippled frame gives good grip and the force trigger is a straight, flat-faced trigger that has good feedback. 


- Length : 201 mm
- Weight : 850 g
- System : Gas Blowback / Adjustable Hop Up
- Caliber : 6 mm BB
- Magazine Capacity : 25 + 1
- Exterior Material : ABS / Metal Alloy
- Firing Modes : Semi-Auto
- Trigger Actions : Simulated Safe Action