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1411 33 St NE, Calgary, AB, T2A 5P1 (MAP)

Phone: (403) 457-0077
Transit: Bus Route 127 + 1 min walk
LRT: Malborough Station + 12 min walk

Wednesday - Friday : 6pm - 10pm (Last check-in at 7pm)
Saturday : 1pm - 5pm, 6pm - 10pm
Sunday : 3pm - 9pm

Bookings: Book HERE
Waiver: Effective till end of the year. Sign HERE


Totaling over 26000 sq. ft. of climate controlled indoor space, our facility is comprised of:
A fully modular Airsoft arena. 
6 staging and party rooms are available to accommodate multiple groups and bookings. 
Non-shooters can also enjoy their time in the viewing lounge and video game arcade.  
We are thrilled to provide a safe, immersive, and dynamic combat simulation environment!
Waiver: Sign NOW to save time during check-in.


  • Modular field design. Components can easily be rearranged to create fresh layouts.
  • 6 staging and party rooms with electrical outlets available to provide the privacy you need.
  • Viewing Lounge with big screen TV's letting you spectate in comfort.
  • Classic Video Game Arcade keeping you entertained during down time.
  • Professionally upkept.  The entire facility is cleaned at least 3 times a week, ensuring you enjoy a pleasant experience.
  • Multiple lighting configurations and ambience settings achieved by our Dimmable LED, Incandescent, Florescent, and UV black lights, and speakers.
  • On site Pro Shop and Tech Service.  Attached to 007 Airsoft - Canada's longest standing Airsoft supplier - professional help is literally steps away.
  • Convenient location. Located in the heart of the Franklin Industrial district and only 2 mins from the Trans-Canada Hwy, amenities and restaurants are merely minutes away (MAP).




      • Rental package is available at $ 25 per gun, including safety barrel bag, multiple magazines, speed loader, 1000 BB's and unlimited battery supply.
      • We do NOT provide eye / face protection rental due to sanitary reasons.  Cost effective options are available for your purchase, see Check-In Desk for details.
      • Reserve your rental HERE.


      • WAIVERS must be signed before participation. Sign HERE.
      • Bookings will guarantee your spot and/or rental gear. Book HERE.
      • Lock your valuables in your vehicles, or bring your own lock to use our free lockers. You are responsible for what you bring.
      • Aggressive / abusive / unsportsmanlike behaviors will not be tolerated.
      • Use of alcohol, marijuana or other control substances are strictly prohibited.
      • Guns to be transported in cases if leaving staging / check-in area, no exception.
      • De-gear completely when you need to leave the building for any reason. (please take off your GUNS, vests, holsters, helmets etc)
      • Please be considerate and clean up after yourselves.
      • Eye Protections must meet ANSI Z87.1 standard or are subjected to field testing.
      • On field: Eye Protections on at all times (face protections also for youths)
      • Off field Rifles: Barrel bag and safety on, magazine out, chamber cleared. 
      • Point your guns down and leave your trigger fingers off.
      • Off field Pistols: keep holstered; otherwise put safety on, magazine out, slide locked.
      • Absolutely no firing of any kind for any reason while off field.
        Game Play:
      • 1.13 Joule maximum  (350 FPS with 0.2g BB)
      • HPA tanks to be tournament locked by admin
      • When hit, yell HIT loudly, keep your hand(s) up and walk back to spawn
      • Dead men tell no tales
      • Gun hits disable that gun, switch to your next weapon
      • Ricochets don't count unless it's from a BB grenade
      • Grenades can only be tossed underhand and not over full height obstacles
      • Sound grenades don't kill  (Bang 22 must use brown shells only)
      • Mercy kills or "bang bang" kills, or Parleys are optional
      • Friendly fire counts
      • Melee kills are silent (soft rubber prop, slashing motion only)
      • No full auto
      • No over shooting
      • No shooting over head level
      • No throwing / stabbing of melee weapons
      • No rough physical contacts
      • No blind firing
      • No climbing
      • No spawn camping
      • No modification of field
      • No Lasers of any kind
      • No strobe lights
      • No home made devices (unless pre-approved by Field Admins)
      • Respect the field and refrain from shooting at things you don't have to
      • Talk to your field referee about concerns / complaints

          • Guns on safe and keep relaying "NO DUFF" loudly
          • Move to the field exit and await instructions
          • In case of Fire, follow exit signs above to vacate building calmly.




          Q: What is Airsoft?
          A: Similar to the sport of Paintball, Airsoft is a game of tag played with airsoft guns, which launch light weight 6mm spherical BBs at safe velocities.
          Q: Does it hurt?
          A: Getting hit by an airsoft BBs can hurt, especially at close range.  That's why safety equipment is important.  However, Airsoft BBs generally hurt considerably less than paintballs since the mass of the projectiles we shoot are so much lighter.
          Q: What's your age limit?
          A: Participants 10 years old and above are welcome.
          Q: What's your FPS limit?
          A: For public drop in games, our FPS limit is 350FPS with 0.2g BB (1.13 J).
          Q: How much does it cost?
          A: The cost for admission to enter a public drop in game is $ 30.  If you need a rental package that's $ 25 extra. If you need face mask and goggles, that's $ 20 extra (for the basic type).
          Q: Can I rent?
          A: Yes, please refer to RENTAL section above
          Q: Do you accommodate for Birthday Parties or Private Events?
          A: Yes, we do!  We will work with you to create a fun and unforgettable experience. Click PRIVATE EVENTS for more details.
          Q: What should I wear?
          A:  Comfortable clothing you can move freely in.  We recommend long sleeves and keeping exposed skin to the minimum (hoodies work great!).  There is no need to come in full tactical camouflage uniform, although it does enhance the role playing aspect of the game. 
          Q: What safety gear do I need?
          A: Full seal impact rated goggles (and masks for youths) are mandatory.  Everything else is optional. We highly recommend protective face masks also. Other popular protective gear includes: gloves, helmets, scarfs, knee and elbow pads.  All of which are available for purchase at 007 Airsoft.
          Q: How should I transport my Airsoft?
          A: Locked in a gun case, rendered in-operable (batteries unplugged), with the magazines removed.  Trigger locks are not required.  Keep your chambers cleared of BBs, and magazines unloaded.
          Q: Where can I keep my valuables?
          A: The best place is in your locked vehicles.  We do provide free lockers if you bring your own lock.  Cost effective combination locks are available for purchase onsite.
          Q: Do you sell food?
          A: We have vending machines with snacks and drinks available for purchases on site.

          Any questions? Call us at 403-457-0077, thank you!