SRC SR9 / M9 Carbine Conversion Kit

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Wanna turn your M9 pistol into a carbine or SMG? We've got you covered! 

This M9 Carbine Kit will convert your M9 or M9A1 (IA) into an carbine with extendable sliding stock, and side charging handle.  Available in 2 different colors, you'll sure to find one that tickles your fancy.

 With the full length top picatiny rail and 2 shorter side rails and 1 bottom rail, there's more than enough rail space for all your optics and tactical attachments!  Two QD sling mount points are installed near the back end for quick sling attachments.  The opening in the front of the kit is enlarged so that a narrow style pistol suppressor will be able to pass through!

 There are two different pistol adaptors included with this kit,  to fit both the Railed and the Rail-less framed M92 pistols.

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