LCT LCK-18 (AK-19) AEG

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The AK-12 with a model twist!

    The LCK-19 is a good replica of the Russian modernized version of the AK-12 rifle.
    The replica has a beautiful, steel body with polymer stock. The new stock is retractable to 6 positions with the possibility of folding to the side. The top cover of the bolt and also the forearm are fitted with RIS rail for mounting tactical accessories.
    On the bolt cover there is a sliding sight, the sight is fixed on the gas tube. The replica is fitted with a modern silencer.  Also new is the ergonomic handle with integrated trigger guard and magazine catch.

    In addition to changing the magazine and pistol grip to the PK408 (i.e. a grip with an integrated trigger guard and magazine release), a new stock has appeared in the LCT offer. Made of polymer, with quite an interesting way of adjusting its position, a carrying sling swivel and a QD swivel mount. The butt plate has a rather aggressive texture and is additionally removable after unscrewing the mounting screw. The stock itself will have a folding and a fixed version.



    Realistic workmanship
    Steel body
    Polymer accessories
    High performance
    RIS rails
    High quality internal parts
    Steel wheels
    9mm ball bearings
    New telescopic stock with the ability to fold to the side (PK409)
    New ergonomic grip with trigger guard (PK408)

    Package Contents:

    Magazine for 130 rounds