KJ Works G26 MI6 Limited Edition

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KJ WORKS G26 MI6 limited edition

Small and mighty, the perfect conceal carry pistol to accompany your espionage missions. Threaded outer barrel is ready to take on the included mock suppressor, making it silent and even more deadly. 

If you're a fan of spy films, don't miss your chance to collect the modern spy pistol with full Glock 26 and MI6 logo engravings!

Limited edition includes shoulder holster that holds a pistol and 3 spare mags!



System : Gas Blow Back
Action : Semi auto
Length : 172 mm
Weight : 565 g
Hop up : Adjustable 
Gas : Green Gas
Capacity : 13 + 1


- Metal slide and outer barrel, metal full size magazine and all metal internals
- High Impact Polymer frame
- Trigger safety and under barrel physical safety switch
- Beautiful Matte Black finish perfectly replicating the real counterpart
Glock 26 laser engraving, MI6 logo laser engraving
- Package: Custom engraved KJ works G26, threaded outer barrel, pistol silencer, 1 green gas magazine, shoulder holster, ~200 rd 0.2g BB, Instruction manual, KJ Works Catalog