First Order Blaster Rifle Conversion Kit for Action Army AAP-01

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Wanna turn your AAP-01 into a First Order Blaster Rifle? Here is your chance!

 The charging handle on this kit attaches to the action of the pistol, so you can cock and load the first BB of the mag in style.

The side magazine well can actually hold a AAP-01 G series magazine too!  Talk about having the coolest gun on the field!



1) This product is the conversion kit only.  The AAP-01 pistols show in the pictures are NOT included.

2) The original slide release will be obstructed after installation of this kit.  To release the action when it is locked back, first remove the magazine, then cock the cocking handle.

3) This kit will only work with AAP-01, but not the AAP-01C.