EG EG25 Micro Smoke Grenade - 9 colors

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The EG25 emits a rapid stream of concentrated smoke for 30-40 seconds. Create artistic effects in Film or Photography or use for marking smoke or pinpoint strikes in Paintball or Airsoft. Perfect when you need the smoke effect but do not want to cloud out the area.

Smoke like a spy with the sleek  EG25 micro smoke grenade! This micro model is the smallest yet from Enola Gayes pyrotechnics series. When a colossal cloud isnt appropriate, reach for this little guy to make a subtle plume of smoke cover on the airsoft or paintball field. If youre working on a film or TV production, the 30-second burn provides the perfect length of time to get an amazing shot.

Why choose this smoke grenade?

  • Micro smoke output provides precision cover
  • Short burn time is handy for photoshoots and film productions
  • Compact grenade size is lightweight and convenient for carry in the field
  • Available with a wide range of smoke color
  • Cool-burn system is safe for handheld use
  • Great for GENDER REVEAL parties

Pro tip:

Enola Gaye pyrotechnics use a “cool burn” ignition system, which does not produce any external flame and keeps the grenades casing at a relatively low temperature. It is safe to hold Enola Gaye smoke grenades throughout ignition and burning, though it is recommended you wear gloves.  Any objects coming into contact with the smoke will be stained that color.