King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago Type Writer Tommy Gun (2022 Premium Edition)

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PREMIUM EDITION: TOP SIDE Charging handle! This is the most accurate M1928 Chicago Type Writer Tommy Gun you'll find in the Airsoft world


This M1928 AEG is realistic designed in all aspect such as the operation system, dimension and materials.

-Full metal upper and lower receiver, providing longer resistance and durability.
-Full marking are engraved on the receiver.

-One piece fluted outer barrel is made with full metal. The design gives the rifle a muscular feeling, keeps it straight and rigid to avoid wobbling.
-Smooth and precise brass internal barrel makes the shooting trajectory constantly precise.

-Equipped with 9mm bearing gearbox and high quality internal parts.
-Adjustable hop up system can be spotted on the receiver.
-The power circle comes with a reliable MOSFET gives accuracy triggering.

4.Stock & Grip
-The Stock, Pistol Grip and Foregrip built by high quality real wood. It is sturdy and impact-resistant wood, having clear texture and smooth surface.
-Ergonomic stock design gives a solid rifle grabbing and comfortable shoulder rest.
-The stock is capable to store a 9.6V large type battery.

-Fixed front iron-sight & foldable rear iron-sight.
-The rear iron-sight is realistic designed and adjustable as user's preference for high precision shooting.

-Package comes with a drum magazine with storage up to 450 rounds 6mm bb bullets.
-Compatible with 420 rounds long magazine (KA-MAG-30).

-Fire selector, safety, magazine release, cocking handle, sling swivel, screws, nuts and the pivot plate etc all made with Full metal.

    Suggested Energy Source 11.1V LiPO  Battery
    Maximum Battery Storage 8.4V NiCD Battery
    Max. Overall Length 840 mm
    Min. Overall Length -NA-
    Inner Barrel Length 315 mm
    Weight without Magazine 3540g
    Main Material Aluminum; Zinc Alloy; Real Wood
    Major Color Black & Real Wood
    Capacity 450 rds
    Caliber 6mm
    Fire Mode Safe / Single / Full-Auto
    Marking Thompson
    King Arms Bolt Catch System -NA-
    Loading Mode Automatic
    Blowback Action -NA-
    Outer Barrel Design One Piece
    Magazine Release Design Adjustable AEG Type
    Hop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable AEG Type
    Gearbox Design V6 9mm Bearing Gearbox
    Motor Design Short-Axle Type
    Accessories come with package 450 rounds high-cap drum magazine
    Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) Over 370 FPS