i6AC+ 80W Multi Charger

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Ipower 6AC PRO 80W/5A Computer Battery Balancer Charger (NiCd NiMh Lipoly LiMn)

The IMAX B6AC PRO Charger is even more compact than the B6AC+ and is a great option for charging your Airsoft batteries due to its high performance and great value. The IMAX B6AC PRO is capable of charging all battery chemistry types (NiMh, NiCd and Lipoly) and features adjustable voltage and current. The IMAX B6AC PRO charger provides you everything you need when it comes to charging your Airsoft battery.


  • Integrated cell meter
  • Battery capacity monitor
  • Measures internal resistance
  • Balance charger
  • Brushed motor driver
  • Integrated foam cutter driver
  • ESC testing capability
  • BL motor RPM tester
  • Servo tester
  • Thrust calculator
  • Integrated thermometer and temp. regulator
  • Voltage meter
  • RX/TX RPM tester


  • 1~6 cell Li-Ion, Li-Poly, and LiFe battery packs
  • 1~15 cell NiMH/NiCd battery packs
  • 2~20V Pb battery packs

Charge Rate: 0.1A-8A
Discharge Rate: 0.1A-2A
Dimensions: 135mm x 143mm x 43mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy Case
Package Includes: Charger, AC Power Cable, DC Power Cable, Deans Charging Cable, Deans to mini Tamiya adaptor

Manufacturer: iPower