ASG/KJW Steyr L9A2 GBB Pistol

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The Steyr L9-A2 marks a milestone as the first Steyr-licensed full blowback gas/CO2 pistol from ActionSportGames. The L9-A2 looks and feels like nothing else on the airsoft market today with its futuristic looks, low bore axis, and realistic crisp trigger. The performance on the airsoft field matches its industry-renowned CZ-licensed brethren, boasting superior accuracy and range for a pistol. Faithfully replicating the real version, the airsoft L9-A2 has a metal slide with polymer railed frame, key-style secondary safety, and the unique triangular iron sights. Included with the L9-A2 are three sizes of backstraps and two sizes of side panels that allow the shooter to customize the grip size to their hand.

CO2 magazine included.