Practical Shooting Challenge

One of the many ways to enjoy Airsoft is IPSC Action Air - a fast paced target shooting sport using Airsoft (6mm BB) Gas Blow Back Pistols and Rifles.  Shooters engage a variety of targets through a series of pre-built stages and are scored by their finishing time and accuracy!

Check out this IPSC Airsoft Air World Shoot recap video posted by one of our suppliers Redwolf Airsoft!




Action Air is the Airsoft division of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation).  There are strict safety and competition rules governing their events.  Here are the links to their Handgun and Rifle Competition Rules. (Last updated April 2023).

IPSC Action Air Handgun Competition Rules

IPSC Action Air Rifle Competition Rules 

There are different divisions of shoots depending on the Airsoft Guns being used. In general, you go through each pre-set stage and engage all targets presented.  Paper targets have 3 scoring zones and steel targets will only score if they are knocked over (see below).  Some targets might be behind obstacles, or even be moving around!

What will I need to participate?  Every event will be different, keep an eye on our Facebook page for event postings and details.  Generally for a handgun shoot, you'll need a belt, a holster, and a few mag carriers for your GBB pistol and mags (see below).


CR Speed CBAX Belt Rig Combo | BSPS


What guns are allowed? That depend on the event and the division that you are shooting in.  For example, in the handgun standard division, GBB pistols must fit inside of a 225 mm x 150 mm x 45 mm box; and magazines are allowed to have a maximum of 18 BBs loaded.  Feel free to reference the rule book links above, or ask us! 

How do the stages look like? Each stage is different and they can be comprised of a variety of paper and steel targets, including no-shoots and moving targets!  Often time shooters have to move around obstacles to engage the targets while staying within the red outlined shooting area, with their guns have to be pointed down range at all time for safety purposes. Here are 2 examples of  stage designs (see below). 


Here at 007 Airsoft and Direct Ops Simulations, we will be running our events based on Action Air, but it is important to note that they are not official IPSC Sanctioned Action Air events.

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