WOSport LV-119 Plate Carrier Vest

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Slim, Versatile and Lightweight, the WOSport LV-119 Plate Carrier Vest is a low profile vest designed for lighter combat loads and low visibility applications.

The LV-119 Vest comes with no front pouches, due to its low profile/slick plate carrier nature. However, it does come with built in swift clips, allowing the secure attachment of compatible chest rigs, such as the WOSport D3 Chest Rig or the WOSport Micro Chest Rig, allowing you to quickly change from a lighter outdoor/recon setup with just a chest rig, to a fully armored setup with the same pouch setup as your chest rig!

The LV-119 Vest also comes with elastic cummerbunds with built in pouches, allowing you carry additional magazines, radios, grenades, or other bits and pieces you need to store. 

Last but not least, this vest also comes with provisions for zip-on back panels, allowing you to further expand the carrier for role-specific storage.

Plate Carrier Only, does not include plate inserts.