SHI AT-4 Rocket Launcher (AT4)

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SHI AT4 Rocket Launcher

Polymer Construction


Fires 40mm shells or foam rockets (2 foam rockets included)

Realistic 1:1 replica of the AT4.  

working flip up front and rear sights

carrying strap included


About M136 AT4: 
Designed by Försvarets Fabriksverk (FFV) and manufactured at their facility at Zakrisdal, Karlstad, Sweden. 
Single shot, recoilless, shoulder fired weapon designed to provide the infantryman with the ability to knock out or disable AFVs or fortifications. 
This lightweight, self-contained, anti-armor weapon adopted by the Swedish Army in the late 1960s. Selected for use by US Army (as the Lightweight Multipurpose Weapon M136), AT4 systems have been adopted by many NATO countries, including Britain. 

Full scale Grenade Launcher Replica 
ABS Construction 
Take out the venturi inside to load 40mm Cartridge Shell 
Take single shot BB Shower toward your enemy 
Come With 2X Foam Rocket and 1X Dummy Pressure Tube 

Fully replicate details such as Muzzle Cover, Foldable Sight (protected by slide cover) & functional trigger unit (forward safety & trigger button plus cocking lever) 

Take it to your next MilSim game, shock your teammates like the first time you opened this package