S&T Winchester M1887 Wild Card Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun WIDE LEVER

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Made popular by various Hollywood blockbusters as well as ironically enough video games depicting modern combat, the M1887 Lever Action Shotgun is an iconic Classic Firearm!

Regarded as one of the first ever successful repeating shotguns, the real Winchester  M1887 was able to fire five consecutive shots before needing to reload, which at the time gave an enormous advantage over single / double shot break action weapons.

Disclaimer: Please do NOT try any Hollywood style one handed cycling of this airsoft gun, this may damage the action and will void your warranty!



Fully metal and real wood construction!

Realistic shell ejecting action

Capable of firing 1 to 3 BBs per shot

Smooth racking action

FPS range : 420fps

Length: 680mm

Gas type: Green Gas

Firing Modes: Single

System : Gas, Lever Action

Hop-up: N/A

Package includes: Shotgun, 3 shells, 1 dummy shell.