A3 NiMH Smart Charger

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This modern microprocessor charger is designed for NiMH and NiCD batteries. Suitable for batteries with the number of cells from 1 to 8.
It recognizes the battery status and automatically stops the charging process when the battery is full. This way your battery will not be damaged by overcharging.
  • Designed for: NiMH and NiCd
  • Made of: plastic + metal
  • Weight: 110g
  • Dimensions: 90 x 58 x 35 mm
  • Manufacturer: iPower

A very intuitive and easy to use smart charger. Can be used to charge NiMH batteries. 


- Operating Voltage: 120-240V (AC)
- Max. Charge Power 20W, 
- Charge Current Range: 2.0A
- Plug: Large Tamiya and Mini Tamiya

The charger is very efficient with a maximum power of 20W.

The charger has a large Tamiya connector, a Large to mini Tamiya adapter is included as a free gift.


  • The charger is designed for indoor use only. Do not leave the charger unattended during charging.
  • The Charger should be positioned horizontally and work in well ventilated condition, avoid water and keep away from flammable explosive goods.
  • Don't cover the charger when charging, ambient temperature shall not be more than 30oC
  • Do not leave batteries charging on flammable surfaces, wood surface or carpet.
  • Cut off the power supply before connect or disconnect the charger with batteries.
  • Don't try to disassemble the charger, High voltage inside, danger!
  • Never leave the battery pack unattended. Especially do not connect it to the charger for the whole night!
  • Avoid short-circuits and mechanical damage to the battery.
  • Mechanical damage or improper battery charging may lead to the fire hazzard