Matrix L85 / SR25 Aluminum Full Metal Rack Piston and head set (17 teeth)

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The Matrix SR-25 CNC Aluminum Piston & Piston head set is made with 100% CNC out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum for long lasting durability and high speed performance. This is not the ordinary piston for the Version 2, 3 gearbox, but the longer type for G&P SR-25, A&K SR-25, Classic Army SR-25, G&G / Army L85, PSG-1 and other compatible piston systems.

The strip of teeth is made out of CNC stainless steel, and the piston head is integrated with ball bearing and high air seal o-ring.


  • 100% CNC Aluminum body for light weight and durable performance
  • 17 detachable steel teeth design
  • Designed for high power applications up to M170 spring
  • Maximum strength the industry has to offer
  • CNC Aluminum high performance piston head included