KWC Makarov CO2 Pistol

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KWC Makarov GBB CO2 Pistol Full Metal (6mm)

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Product Code: 20082
Weight: 716 g
Length: 170 mm
Capacity: 15 rds
Power: 370 fps
Power Source: CO2
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto

A true classic of Russian design, the Makarov was the Soviet Unions standard military side arm from 1951-1991. This Airsoft pistol has quite a heft to it even though it has a smaller, compact form factor. 

Features include:
- Full Metal Frame Construction
- Blow Back
- Bottom latch-type magazine release
- High Power CO2 12g cartridge- 
single cartridge will shoot more than 190 rds
- Impressive accuracy, able to shoot a quarter sized target at 10 meters 
- Comes with a hex wrench for mounting and unmounting the CO2 capsule 
- Safety switch on slide disables the trigger 
- Hammer functions when trigger is pulled
- Lanyard loop on base of the pistol grip