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System: AEG (safe/semi/auto)
Caliber: 6mm
HopUp: yes, adjustable
Material: full metal + real wood
Magazine Capacity: 550 BBs
Velocity: 390FPS
Overall Length: 510 / 745mm
Weight: 2700g
Barrel Length: 263mm
Gearbox: Normal Version 3


● Solid Wooden Handguard
● Integrated ICS Ver.3 Gearbox
● Stampling Steel Receivers
● Triangular Folding Stock


Remaining consistent with the ethos of ICS, the MAR-74 series utilizes a QD Frame to facilitate ease of upgrading and maintenance.  A combination of the ICS Turbo 3000 motor and M120 spring will ensure the best performance and durability.  The High-Capacity magazine is also in line with the ICS ethos; a high strength spring provides a continuous and smooth feed of BBs at any rate of fire.  The ICS MAR-74 series is certainly the best way to experience a slice of the Russian military!

Flash hider is made of CNC Machined Aluminum with a 14mm counterclockwise thread.

Realistic front and rear iron sights are built of a die-cast construction, giving the weapon a rugged appearance; the front sight is adjustable with a wrench whilst the adjustment of the rear sight is just like that of the real weapon and features two sight apertures.

The wood handguards are made of exact same material as in the the real firearms!

The receiver of the MAR series is made of stamped steel, emphasizing structural integrity and faithfully replicating the real weapon, complete with unique serial numbers on each AEG.

ICS utilizes a similar production process as in the real firearms, whilst producing the stamped steel receiver top cover!

The MAR handguard design allows the shooter to disassemble the handguard exactly the same way as in the real firearms.

MAR Quick Disassembly System - It is quick and easy to repair, maintain, or upgrade your MAR AEG.  It can be disassembled by just removing 2 receiver screws on both sides.

The steel triangular skeleton stock on the MAR SU has a welded butt plate, and the locking hook is made using a dewaxing casting process.

This AEG also features ICS's all new free floating one piece metal hop up chamber, facilitating a smooth and continual flow of BBs, solving feeding problems commonly resulting from misalignment.

ICS MAR gearbox adopts a stainless steel gear set and 7mm bushings to bring you the best performance and durability.  MAR utilizes a standard design of cylinder, cylinder head, reinforced piston, 8 hole ventilation piston head and MIM bevel gear.  These features facilitate smooth operation, reliability and ease of repair.