ICS CES-P A5 S3 (Retractable stock)

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● SSS V2 E-Trigger System
● Short-Stroke Trigger with 2-9 Round Burst (adjustable)
● Realistic SPCC Weld Processed Stamping Steel Receiver
● Realistic Steel Retractable Stock
● Power Cut-off by Opening the Receivers
● One-piece Metal H-UP
● ICS CES Split Gearbox
● Spring Releasable Function
● Rear-lockable Decorative Bolt plate

The  Unique SSS V2 Trigger system is specially developed for the CES-P for its 4 individual firing modes.  Without setting the firing mode, it is able to change the 4 firing modes: Safe - Semi - Burst (2-9 rounds adjustable!) , and Auto easily through the fire selector controlled by the micro-ship in the trigger system.  Moreover, with the combination of the pre-cocking function and the short pull trigger, the rate of fire is effectively increased, low voltage indication and self-diagnostic-system functions protect the battery and provide easy self-maintenance.