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System : Electric
Action : Semi / Full
Gear Box : Version 2 B.R.S.S. HEAVY
Inner Barrel : 370mm 
Velocity : 400 fps
Length : 810/ 890mm
Weight : 2900g
Hop up : Adjustable 
Battery : 11.1V Short Stick Lipo
Magazine : 300 rd Hicap


- FULL METAL construction meaning this airsoft gun has matching metal parts as its real counterpart
- Fully licensed with full trade marks and logo from Knights Armament Corp, Stoner division.
- Innovative B.R.S.S. (Bolt Recoil Shock System HEAVY) generates realistic HEAVY recoil during each shot, while preserving the ability to take regular TM type M4 magazines.  Recoil felt is much stronger than that of the Tokyo Marui Next Gen M4 SOPMOD) 
- Anodized aluminum upper and lower receiver and removable rear sight
- Knights Armament URX 3.1 Rail system with QD Sling mounts 
- Knights type removable flip up front and rear sights
- Nylon Fiber retractable Vltor crane stock and grip with QD sling mount
- 14mm- threaded aluminum CNC outer barrel
- Metal one piece IMPROVED hop up unit and metal one piece outer barrel
- QD sling mount integrated in received end
- 6.0 Precision inner barrel
- High Torque motor with heat dissipating end plate
- Metal furniture: Charging handle, magazine catch, bolt catch, selector, front sight, flash hider
- Other metal parts: Rear sight assembly, trigger, ejection port cover, trigger guard, magazine, front/rear sling mounts, forward assist knob, steel motor pinion gear, locking body pins, RIS unit
- Reinforced Vr 2 B.R.S.S. Gear Box with: M120 spring,  2020 Improved MIM Steel Gears, Steel Bushings, aluminum cylinder, aluminum cylinder head with double o-rings and impact pad, Aluminum piston with full steel teeth, aluminum one way piston head with bearings, heavy weight steel spring guide, POM nozzle 
- 11.1V Lipo  ready!

- Battery and charger NOT included

- Package includes: Airsoft gun, 300rd high capacity magazine, user manual.

From the manufacturer:

Powerful Recoil Movement
B.R.S.S technology generates strong recoil power by triggering B4A1.The strong power can even stamp a nail into a wooden table. The feeling of stock punching back each shot is a real pleasure for owner who enjoys a "kick" similar to firing a real M4A1.
Low Energy Consumption
B.R.S.S technology provides great power recoil action even while by using Low Voltage batteries. Its unique design makes this AEG last much longer, with an outstanding reliability.
High Durability
B.R.S.S Gear are made of firm and strong materials, which makes B4A1s gear more stronger to capable with strong recoil shock, which adds extension period of AEGs life.
High Compatibility
B.R.S.S Gearbox system offers a high compatibility with other brands gearbox parts. Over 90% of B.R.S.S parts are compatible with those available on the market. 
This advantage grants players with lower costs and bigger choice on repairs, upgrades, modifications and customizations.