Airtech Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK)

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Frustrated putting your gearbox together? Heres an easy solution!

Prevent the Anti-reversal and Trigger from popping out while attempting to assemble the gearbox back together after an upgrade/ maintenance and save time from countless attempts on the reassembly. The GIK clips will clamp down on the ARL latch and trigger while you perform your upgrades or maintenance, right up to the end. Once the two halves of the gearbox plates are back together, you can then remove the clips and continue to install the screws.

  • Designed to save time assembling your gearbox back together without the delicate parts from shifting.
  • Clips can expand to cater for all AEG gearboxes.
  • Holds the electric cables in the channel.
  • Great for experienced tech and new players for gearbox maintenance and potential upgrades.