Air-Pad 3/16"

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*NEW* Air-Pad v2/v3 3/16" 70D

- New precision die cut stronger material
- V2/V3 gearboxes
- Universal 3/16" thick
- 70 OO duro hardness works well in all builds


The next innovation in Airsoft Cylinder Head pads, Air-Pads! These new pads are made of an ultra durable soft polyurethane. First Gen Air-Pads were laser cut, however this was very time consuming and expensive. New second gen Air-Pads are die cut for more precise cuts as well as being more economical.


– Soft, impact absorbing specialized polyurethane

– No memory/relaxation unlike sorbo (see below)

– Much more durable than sorbo or neo pads

– Completely inert – unlike silicone and natural/neoprene rubbers, Air-Pads are compatible with all lubricants.

– Better reduction of impact and sound in comparison to stock pads or sorbo pads

– Extremely good compression set. This means they retain their shape after abuse from the craziest and most extreme builds

Air-Pad Details

Air-Pads are designed to be at the optimal hardness level for airsoft guns – soft enough to absorb impact, but hard enough to not compress too quickly. The durometer hardness comes in either 75, or a newly available 60. In comparison, Sorbo pads come in hardness 40 or 70. The 60 durometer Air-Pad is optimal for most builds, where the harder Air-Pad is targeted for more extreme FPS builds.

In comparison to a sorbo pad, Air-Pads are much more effective at reducing stress to your cylinder head and the front of your gearbox as well as significantly better sound dampening. Techs who have beta tested the Air-Pad have all mentioned to me that sound was dampened more than anything they’ve used.

As for size, they are 3/16″ thick. This is the most universal thickness that is the best compromise between impact reduction, cylinder volume, and AOE correction.

Currently, only standard v2/v3 gearbox Air-Pads are available. If you would like a specific gb version, please let me know. Version 6/7 will be available in the near future.