AceTech Lighter S Tracer Unit

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Ace Tech Light S Tracer Unit 

  • The Lighter S, is the smallest and lightest tracer unit designed for the pistols
  • Can fit inside of other Airsoft suppressors
  • Lighter S will light up GREEN BBs very brightly, and RED Tracer BBs slightly
  • Do not disassemble the Lighter S to prevent high voltage electrical shock. 
  • Automatically powers off when unused for 40 minutes 
  • Do not look straight into the muzzle to check the installation of the device to prevent any accident like mistakenly pulling the trigger or firing the gun. 
  • In order to extend the built-in Li-Poly battery life as much as possible , please charge it least once every 2 months .


Feature : 

   Length:67.3mm (2.65 inch)
   Diameter:27mm (1.06 inch)
   Illuminates RED and GREEN tracer BBs.
   Supports up to 35 RPS (rounds per second)!
Accessories included:
   Micro USB charging cable x1
   Adaptor x1 (14mm female negative thread to 11mm male positive thread)
   fully charged battery would last over 22000 rounds
   led power indicator
   battery charging indicator (Green = good charge, Orange = medium charge, Red = low charge)