ICS Lightway Dagger S3 BK

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Introducing ICS's Lightway Dagger S3!

Compact with a ton of pre-upgraded internals, all encased in a light weight polymer body, and for sale with an affordable price!

This Dagger is the smaller sister (5 inch m-lok handgaurd) of the ever so popular Lighway Peleador.  It boasts a bunch of upgraded internals by Master Mods including: Aluminum piston head, aluminum cylinder head, full metal rack piston, fishbone hop tensioner, aluminum air seal nozzle and MIM Gears (Metal Injection Mode for more durability)!  

On top of that, the Dagger S3 also comes with a larger capacity retractable battery stock.  Now you can even put nunchuck (2200mA) or brick style (1800mA) LiPO batteries in the stock with ease.

The SSS III Trigger system will help reduce operating temperature, reduce electrical resistance, boost rate of fire and extend battery life.  Along with ICS's signature V2 Split gear box and QD Spring guide, modifications and maintenance can be done in a breeze.


● SSS.III E-trigger system

● Smart Trigger & Pre-cocking Function
● Titan T-Dean Plug
● Lightweight M-LOK Polymer Handguard
● High capacity Battery Space ERGO Stock
● MASTER AL6061 Cylinder Head & Piston Head & Air Nozzle
● MASTER Hop Tensioner Nub
● ICS Split Gearbox
● QD Spring Guide Design
● Realistic Assist knob Piston Spring Release  Function
● Competition Short Stroke Flat Trigger
● Lightweight  Aluminum Outer Barrel
● Metal Stock Tube



● Length : 640-711mm
● Barrel Length:  186 mm
● Velocity: 375 FPS
● Weight: 2305g
● Mag Capacity: 300rd (Hi-Cap)
● Material: Engineered High-Impact Polymer
● Motor axle: Long