E&C 112 416A5 Custom (Full Markings)

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East Crane Airsoft (E&C), while a newer entry into the airsoft game, has proven itself as a manufacturer of fantastic mid-grade AEGs. Featuring metal bodies, decent internals, functioning bolt stops, and rotary style hop up system. What sets E&C apart from the other manufacturers however, is their massive offering of rifles that replicate modern setups and reasonable price points. Gone are the days that you have to buy a stock looking USGI M4, then kit it out yourself. Buy an E&C!

This E&C rifle is a replica of the latest iteration of the HK416, the 416A5. The 416A5 takes the same great 416 platforms and adds a few contemporary updates: extended charging handle, ambidextrous fire selector, magazine and bolt release, as well as an updated magwell angle, allowing for improved magazine compatibility over the original 416.. This rifle isn't set up purely as a stock configuration 416A5 however. This 416A5 is further customized with a slimmer CTR stock, and an SMR style M-Lok handguard, for further improved ergonomics and attachment accessibility.