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DOS Green Gas (1100mL)

Open Item (.357 Magnum Holster)

DOS 0.25g Biodegradable Premium BBs

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M4 / M16 Grips

Flash Hider & Adaptors

Handguards & Rail Systems

Rifle Barrels & Extensions

Pistol Slides and Barrels

Stocks and Tubes

Other External Parts

SRC M4 Tinted Lower Receiver

SRC AK47 Tinted Lower Receiver

SRC AK47S Tinted Lower Receiver

SRC G36 Tinted Upper Receiver

SRC MP5 Tinted Upper Receiver

G&G M4 Transparent Lower Receiver

KJ M4 Tinted Lower Receiver

SRC M4 Metal Upper Receiver

SRC M4 Metal Lower Receiver (USMC)

SRC M4 Metal Lower Receiver (Zombie Hunter)

SRC M4 Metal Receiver Set + Hop Up (USMC)

SRC HK416 Metal Lower Receiver

SRC HK416 Metal Receiver Set + Hop Up

SRC AK47 Metal Lower Receiver

SRC AK47S Metal Lower Receiver

SRC MP5 Metal Upper Receiver (Stamped Steel)

SRC G36 Black Upper Receiver

KJ M4 GBBR Metal Lower Receiver

AK47 Steel Ribbed Receiver Cover

Ergo Grip for M4 AEG

Standard Colt Grip for M4 AEG

SPR Grip for M4 AEG

Storm Grip for WA / G&P M4 GBBR

Type 96 (L96) 14mm- Adaptor

14mm+ to 14mm- adaptor (CW to CCW)

Warthog Flash Hider

G36K Flash Hider

Single Rail Short

Single Rail Medium

Single Rail Long

G36C Large Handguard for Large Battery

P90 RIS System

CASV Rail System

SPR (MK12) Full Front Kit

G36C Original Handguard


M4 RIS Unit

KJ M4 RIS Unit

AK Tactical Handguards

G36K RIS Handguard

M4 SD Full Front Set

SRC M4 CQB Length Outer Barrel

SRC M4 Length Outer Barrel

AUG CQB Outer Barrel

Barrel Extension Short

Barrel Extension Medium

Barrel Extension Long

KSC G19 Metal Slide and Barrel Set

KSC / KWA M9 Elite IA Metal Slide and Barrel Set

TM G17 Metal Slide and Barrel Set

TM G18C Metal Slide and Barrel Set

MP5 Fixed Stock Butt Pad / Plate

M4 Elite Stock Rubber Butt Pad

Magpul Style CTR Stock (Black)

TM Type MP5 Fixed Stock

TM Type MP5 PDW Stock

TM Type MP5 Retractable Stock

SRC MP5 Retractable Stock

SRC MP5 Fixed Stock


M4 Crane Stock black

SRC M16 Fixed Stock

SRC M4 Chubby Fixed Stock

M4 Buffer Tube for front or rear wire

G36 Battery Stock

AK Folding Stock

SRC AK74 GBBR Selector (GAK-15)

M4 AEG Selector switch

M4 AEG Bolt Stop / Catch (dummy)

G36 AEG Selectors (Pair)

M4 AEG Trigger Pin

SCAR AEG Selectors (Pair)

MP5 AEG Cocking Handle

MP5 SD Handguard Locking Pins (Pair)

MP5 AEG Front Sling Mount Pin

MP5 TM Type Early Style Selector

M4 Locking Dust Cover

M4 AEG Charging Handle Set

AK AEG Selector Set

AK AEG Selector Screw Cap

AK AEG Magazine Catch + Trigger Guard

M4 AEG Locking Body Pins

G36 AEG Body Pin

SRC G36 Magazine Well

M4 AEG Magazine Catch

M4 AEG Ambidextrous Magazine Catch

MP40 Cocking Handle

M249 Heat Shield

M249 Para Handguards

M249 Upper and Lower RIS Units

G36 Carry Handle + Scope

G36C 20mm Top Rail + Sights

M4 Barrel Nut + Delta Ring

M4 Handguard / RIS Cap

KJ G23 Outer Barrel

KJ M9 Threaded Outer Barrel

KJ KP-05 Outer Barrel (Silver)

AAC Flash Hider

KJ M4 Charging Handle with latch

CA AUG Upper Receiver

Wood Kit for A&K SVD Springer

MP5 RIS full kit

KJ Hi-Capa Part #35 (Slide Stop)

KJ 1911 Part #53 (Slide Stop)

KJ M700 Silencer Adaptor

KJ MK1 Carbine Silencer Adaptor

KJ M4 GBBR Buffer Tube

Magpul style CTR Stock (FDE)

Aluminum Outer barrel for AEG M4 / CQB

AK74 Folding Stock

KeyMod Rail System handuard 9 inch

KeyMod Rail System Handgaurd 13.5 inch

Daniel Defense RIS Rails for L85 / SA80

M4 Flash hider (14mm-)

SRC MP5 Magazine Catch

SIR Unit (rail system) for M4s

BOLT B4 Lower Receiver (blank)

Magpul style MOE motor grip for AEG

KJ 1911 Ambidextrous Safety Levers

Echo 1 Keymod Rail Sections (3-pack)

Valken 7 inch quad-rail hand guard for M4s

14mm- thread protector

HK416 Stock

VLTOR stock

10 inch SR-25 URX Rail

G17 / KP-17 Outer Barrel Gold

G17 / KP-17 Outer Barrel Silver

G17 / KP-17 Outer Barrel Black

HK416 Style Grip for M4 AEG

Madbull Punisher Compensator For WE 1911

CAA RONI Kit for Glocks (BK)

King Arms Thompson Aluminum Lower Receiver

CYMA M16 Outer Barrel for AEG

E&C M16 Handguards with Cap

Warlord Tactical Simon Sleeve Barrel Extension

Warlord Tactical C8 Rubber Stock Pad

CAR-15 Stock for M4

AK47 Stock End Plate

KJ KP-13C Slide with Front and Rear Sights

Dytac M-Lok Rail Sections (3-Pack)

G&P XM177 Handguards

G&G Traid Tri rail (Diemaco style)

KJ P-09 Duty Hammer

Best Sellers - External Parts

M249 Heat Shield


SRC AK47S Tinted Lower Receiver

SRC AK74 GBBR Selector (GAK-15)

AK47 Steel Ribbed Receiver Cover

SRC G36 Tinted Upper Receiver

SIR Unit (rail system) for M4s

SRC MP5 Tinted Upper Receiver

AK47 Stock End Plate
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Ronin Helmet - BLACK Lens (one strap missing)
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Valken Battle Machine Long BK

ARES Honey Badger AM-013-BK


UFC CNC Aluminum Hop Up Unit Chamber for VSR-10

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