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Browse our Optics and Illuminations category.

Mounts and Rings

Iron Sights


Red Dot / Projection

Lights and Lasers


MP5 / G3 Low Profile Mount

VSR-10 Mount Rail (no screws)

MP5 / G3 Front Sight Laser Mount

1 Inch Flash Light Mount for RIS

L-Mount for 30cm scopes (Aim Point)

Cantilever Mount for Aim Point

3/4 Inch Riser Mount

M4 / M16 Carry Handle Mount

Universal Barrel Mount (no ring!)

1 Inch Scope Rings TALL (Pair)

KAC RAS for M870 / CA870

AK74 Mount

AK47 Mount

M14 Mount

SIG 552 Mount

HK416 Flip Up Front Sight + Gas Block

MP5 / G3 Rear Sight Assembly

M4 / M16 Triangle Front Sight

M4 / M16 SPR Style Flip Up Front Sight

Flip Up Front Sight for RIS

Flip Up Rear Sight for RIS

Auto Flip Up Front Sight + Gas Block

Auto Flip Up Rear Sight for RIS

KAC Tactical Rear Sight for RIS

Nylon Flip Up Front and Rear Sights for RIS

ACOG replica

TA31 ACOG Replica

TA01 ACOG Replica (TAN)

Red / Green Illuminated Elcan Replica

3.4x Elcan Replica (C79 model)

4x26 POSP for SVD Dragunov

SUSAT for L85s

Red Dot Scope

Aim Point M2 Red / Green Replica

EOTech 552 Holographic Sight Replica TAN COLOR

Doctor Sight Replica (micro dot) for RIS

Aimpoint Red / Green Reflex Sight

M3 LED Light Replica

Slim LED Flash Light (Free Laser Head)

SureFire M910A Replica (Black)

T10 Flash Light Handguard for CA870 / M870

Surefire M910A Replica (Tan)

Flip Up Lens Protector

EOTech Protector

45 Degree Angle Mount

KJ Pistol Mount Black

KJ Pistol Mount Silver

2.5-10x40 illuminated Scope

L85 / SA80 Riser Mount for ACOGs

4x32 Scope

Surefire M951 Replica LED Tactical Light for RIS

1.5-6 x 24 Optic Fiber Scope

Aim Point T1 Red/Green dot replica

Spectre DR 4x Red/Green Illuminated

PVS-14 Replica Night Vision Scope

4x Magnifier with flip to side mount

M6 Tactical Light and Laser Combo

M3 / M6 light tail pressure pad switch

Aim Point M2 Red/Green Dot Scope Replica Tan

Aim Point M3 Replica Red/Green Dot Scope Full Set

TA31 ACOG replica with RMR Red Dot

ACOG Kill Flash

EOTech Kill Flash

Spectre Kill Flash

40mm Kill Flash

3-9x40mm Sniper Scope

1 inch scope rings (pair)

1 Inch Riser Mount

Rhino Mount

Unbreakable Replacement Lens for Flip Up Lens Protector

TLR-1 Style Flash Light

Offset Flip up iron sights

SVD Side Mount

Best Sellers - Optics and Illuminations

SIG 552 Mount

T10 Flash Light Handguard for CA870 / M870

MP5 / G3 Front Sight Laser Mount

Offset Flip up iron sights

KAC RAS for M870 / CA870

SVD Side Mount

Rhino Mount

MP5 / G3 Rear Sight Assembly

SUSAT for L85s
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