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Canada's System  (last updated June 2 /2014)

In Canada, this is how firearms / replica firearms / Airsoft guns are classified: (reference: CBSA Memororandom D19-13-2  pages 8-16, CBSA Customs Notice 12-005)

Replica Firearm
A device that resembles in close precision a real firearm but cannot fire a projectile, or its projectile cannot cause serious bodily harm.  Replica firearms are prohibited devices.  Civilians cannot import or possess prohibited devices.  (Prohibited devices are different from prohibited firearms)
A barrelled device firing a projectile able to cause serious bodily harm. For CBSAs purpose, all firearms are separated into either controlled firearms, or un-controlled firearms.
A firearm with muzzle velocity above 500 FPS 
AND muzzle energy above 5.7 Joules.  Serial number, registration and or permits, firearm license (PAL) are required to import / purchase and possess any controlled firearms
A firearm with muzzle velocity below 500 FPS OR muzzle energy below 5.7 Joules.  There is no firearms licences, authorizations, permits or registration certificates are required to import / purchase / own such un-controlled firearms. 
Serious Bodily Harm:
A 0.2g 6mm Airsoft BB at 366FPS or higher is able to cause serious bodily harm.  (Ref: CBSA Customs Notice 12-005)
Airsoft BB 
A 0.2g 6mm Airsoft BB at 785FPS generates a muzzle energy of ~5.7 Joules.  As calculated by the Airsoft FPS / Energy Calculator.

What does this all mean for Airsoft guns in Canada?
FPS Chart


If anybody downgrades the velocity of an (Airsoft) uncontrolled firearm to below 366 FPS (with a 0.2g 6mm BB) , it becomes a replica firearm.

Airsoft guns that are not replicas of real firearms are exempted (example, JG Thunder Maul Dragon AEG)

Airsoft guns that are not replicas of real firearms but looks similar enough to a firearm, will still be classified as replicas (example, TM Glock 26 Advanced GBB)

In Summary

We make sure our airsoft guns will fire within 366-785fps with a 0.2gBB.  Once this is achieved, we can legally import and trade these airsoft guns as uncontrolled firearms in Canada.

For Airsoft guns that fire less than 366fps, we will import them with transparent receivers so that they are not considered replicas in Canada (no longer resemble in close precision a real firearm)


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